Jon's Resume


With apologies, but the detailed resume has been removed. This has been done because of the increasing risk of "Identity Theft."

Jon was a successful teacher and administrator for over thirty-five years. As a professor and administrator within the collegiate sector he was involved in all areas of International Education programming including liaison with various consulates and embassies. Skilled in working with individuals from diverse cultures he has been active within elementary education as teacher, consultant, and curriculum developer of Gifted and Talented hands-on science programs.


Jon is currently president of the Ojai Valley Library Friends and Foundation, vice-president of the TibetanAid Foundation, and volunteers with Help of Ojai programs. He also is president of the Board of Directors of the local Taormina property owners' group, the Green Circle Service Corporation, acts as a film screener for submissions to the Ojai Film Festival and serves as a board member for the Ojai Academy for the Arts.


In 2014 both Jon and Linda were honored by The Rotary Clubs of Ojai
and named "Living Treasures of Ojai."



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